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iwant it


just downloading the new demo now


she wont leave the couch? how do i get her to leave the couch?


It's just a demo she does not get up and does not play in you


even though i bought it, is it still a demo?

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The demo is just to feel the atmosphere

This is simulator  not a game  the possibilities are endless


please give me the game free 

or demo but with shrink

I tried loading the Demo but all i got was Diagnostic errors


Sorry to hear
By this time nearly 2500 have been download 
 Which operating system are you using ?




Of course it was much better and more realistic and depends on the behavior and location

I work on it

Hi, do you plan to add some interaction with the giantess, like you did in "Travel"? btw it's getting better at each of your updates, keep them comming ;)


Thanks for the comments
This simulator is not a game you do not win or lose It gives the experience
A world that does not exist in reality and The possibility to realize it
Is to create it virtual reality
This project requires resources and time I use the money to develop the simulator and make it look and feel more realistic


Why is this basically the exact same game as "travel" (also by game4), but this one is 7 dollars?

I've seen ANOTHER version of this exact same game too—how many times are you planning on re-releasing this same concept, man?